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What is Open Teaching Project?

Open Teaching Project is an initiative from Padakshep which will encourage students and teachers to share and learn from each other. Open Teaching project has some defined goals:

  • Padakshep will spread education freely for all. Anyone with internet can avail of this facility. Underprivileged students without the access of internet will receive printed copies for free.
  • Any student can share his/her knowledge on a specific area of study. This way they can help other students learn.
  • Any teacher can share his/her lessons which anyone can study online/offline thus making education free for all.

What can I expect in this website?

If you are confused with some specific topics in any subject, go ahead and read about it on this website. If you cannot find that specific topic, contact us and someone will surely answer you. If you are not able to get additional help outside your school/ college, this is a very good place for you.

What Open Teaching is NOT?

  • Open Teaching Project (OTP) is not a comprehensive study guide. It is an evolving process and more information will be available over the time. However, it will never become one and only place for study materials. So, do not stop going to school/ college !
  • Open Teaching Project is not an academic institution. We do not award any degree.

Which levels of education are being covered?

We have started with high school standards (higher secondary, joint entrance examination, etc.) but we will also include undergraduate levels. We are willing to include secondary and school level education in near future.

What will be the language for discussions?

Our primary language for discussions will be English. We understand that many students in India study in their own regional languages. Therefore, we aim to have discussions in other languages as well. We have started with Bangla as the other regional language.

I am a student. How can I help?

Students like you are the backbone of Padakshep. You can help in both ends of this project:

  • You can share your own study materials with us for publishing online. You will be duly acknowledged. If you haven’t created your own study materials, you can start working on it now. However, contact us to know what we need at this point.
  • You can visit this website once in a while to learn more on what you have already known. If you find this website useful, please share with your friends. Share as much as you can.

I am a teacher/professor. How can I help?

We need you to spread education. You can write study materials for this website. Your knowledge in the field of your expertise will not be limited to your institution anymore. You can educate anyone from anywhere.

What are the procedures for the authors?

Send us an email via our contact page about your intentions. We will then send you a guideline which you should stick to. If you have already written discussions on your subject, please reformat them according to our guideline. You can get your article reviewed by your friends and peers before submission. Once submitted, your article will be reviewed by our reviewers and you should communicate with them accordingly.

Will I be paid for authoring these study materials?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer you any compensation for your service in order to keep this website free for all. However, you will be duly acknowledged.

Shall I retain the copyrights as an author?

You will retain all the copyrights for your own materials. You are also free to publish it anywhere else outside Padakshep. By accepting our contract, you will only share your copyrights with Padakshep.

How do you deal with copyright issues?

Padakshep takes copyright issues very seriously. You should not submit materials which are not authored by you. You should also make sure that you retain all the rights to publish your materials. Additionally, be generous to give proper references and acknowledgements in your material. To be an author, you will need to submit a contract with Padakshep.

What if I copy a portion (an image or text) from a book or Wikipedia?

You cannot copy anything from a book or any other website which is not freely shared in public domain. If you copy anything from a book or from another website, you must get permission from the original author. Although Wikipedia is a freely accessible website, we do not encourage verbatim copying from it. Please use your own words and be original.