Annual Report 2013


Padakshep is already five years old and running. Through all these years, your support has made Padakshep stronger. Here is our annual report 2013. Check out what is happening at Padakshep and what we have been doing this year.

Our scholarship program

Good news !

Many of you probably know that last year two of our beneficiaries, Debasis Paramanik and Suman Dey have been admitted to National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur – a great engineering college in West Bengal.

Congratulations to Sanjay and Subhadip! Sanjay has won the Government of West Bengal scholarship. His tremendous urge to continue his studies has showed him the way forward. Our past beneficiary Subhadip has received his scholarship funds from INSPIRE program of the central government.

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New beneficiaries

In 2013, we have started supporting two new candidates.
Bappa Ghosh – Bappa lost his father, a rickshaw puller, the day he was taking his Mathematics board exam. He still scored 100/100 in maths. With a 97% in science overall, he is now pursuing higher secondary studies in science. He used to tutor students to support his family and his studies. With Padakshep’s support under the Vivekjyoti endowment fund scheme, he is now devoting all his time and energy to his studies.
Biswajit Barman – Son of a daily labourer, Biswajit dreams of becoming a doctor. He also scored 97% in science in his board exams and currently pursuing science. Padakshep is supporting his higher secondary studies.

Support discontinued

As much as we hate it, we have to discontinue our support to some beneficiaries for a variety of reasons. Last year we stopped supporting Ankhijur Islam and Sathi Pandit. Both Ankhijur and Sathi were supported through 2011-2013, but we had to drop our support because of their poor academic performance and lack of sincerity. Our funds are limited and we want to support the most deserving candidates.

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Endowment scholarships

Last year we also started our endowment scholarships where anyone can set up a scholarship in their or their loved one’s name to support these bright young boys and girls. Our first scholarship is called Vivekjyoti scholarship, supported by a dear friend of Padakshep. Bappa Ghosh is the first recipient of Vivekjyoti scholarship. You can learn more about our endowment scholarships at

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New donation options 

Monthly donations

Last year we started recurring monthly donations to facilitate the donation process and also to provide stability to our fundraising effort. We are happy to let you know that we currently have more than $300 in recurring monthly donations

You can now start donating any amount that you feel suitable via our website every month. We are sure that you can manage some amount out of your budget for this noble cause.

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Use AmazonSmile for Padakshep

Do you know that 0.5% of the price of whatever you buy at Amazon can come to us? All you have to do is be a part of AmazonSmile Foundation. You can do good even while you are buying stuff for yourself. Such little steps can change how we can raise funds. So, why wait?

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Use Google One Today mobile app

You can donate just $ 1 daily and recruit friends to match your gift to Padakshep. Another way to support us and you can play an active role in raising funds… all for good. If you own a iPhone or an android phone, you can download the app and start using it instantly. You can also your desktop or laptop to be a part of this.

Dollar a Day

Summary of the financial report 2013

You can know more details from our financials page. We have now option to see the financial requirements of our students all in one place.

Efficient spending

In 2013, ~90% of the total expenditure went only for the charitable purpose of Padakshep. Government fees and other service fees accounted for the rest. Although a small nonprofit, Padakshep is doing great in every department of expenditures. Get an idea on how a nonprofit should manage its expenditure from charity navigator website.


Fundraising and planning our budget

We understand that the donors’ hard earned money should be spent on the very purpose that Padakshep was created for. Our primary fundraiser happens in March and April as we start supporting more underprivileged students every year. This year we raised $ 4333 and supported fifteen students. To create more impact, we will need your continued support.

Question Time at Padakshep

We had three events of Question Time at Padakshep last year. We are now opening up the responsibilities of organizing these online events to general public. Now, anyone can apply to get a license from Padakshep to organize such events. Below are some of the highlights of the events with eminent physicist Dr. Rajesh Gopakumar, Nobel Laureate Dr. Brian Schmidt, and Dr. Somak Raychaudhury, dean of the faculty of natural and mathematical sciences at Presidency University, Kolkata.

A big THANKS to our volunteers and members

Padakshep volunteers have been working hard over the years to keep Padakshep accountable to the general public from whom we receive our donations and support. Padakshep members are the real engine behind our efforts as they keep donating to Padakshep and keep supporting us. Without their sincere will power, we would lose our steam. THANKS to all these members and volunteers.

Please send us your feedback

Please send us your feedback as that would mean a lot to us. We will only improve based on your suggestions.