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Various topics on biology will be linked here. Please click on the individual links to read more on the topics.

Developmental Biology

  1. Intro and grey crescent formation in frog
  2. Cleavage of zygote and development in frog
  3. Gastrulation in xenopus
  4. Fertilization in sea urchin
  5. Development of drosophila
  6. Modularity in arthropods
  7. Spermatogenesis and oogenesis in human


  1. Community ecology part 1: ecological niche
  2. Community ecology part 2: competitive exclusion principle
  3. Ecological succession
  4. Habitat fragmentation
  5. Population ecology part 1: population growth and growth rate
  6. Population ecology part 2: population growth rate
  7. Population ecology part 3: population growth (exponential and logistic)
  8. Population ecology part 4: r and k selection
  9. Population ecology part 5: survivorship curve

Evolutionary biology

  1. Introduction to natural selection
  2. Natural selection with example
  3. Types of natural selection (directional & stabilizing)
  4. Types of natural selection (disruptive selection)
  5. Speciation (mechanism of allopatric speciation)
  6. Speciation (mechanism of sympatric speciation)
  7. Speciation (mechanism of parapatric speciation)


  1. Introduction to advanced genetics
  2. Non-Mendelian genetics
  3. Co-dominance and incomplete dominance
  4. Epistasis
  5. Polygenic inheritance
  6. Multiple alleles
  7. Sex linked genes
  8. Linked genes and genetic linkage
  9. Genetics problems
    1. Introduction
    2. Dihybrid cross
    3. Incomplete dominance
    4. Incomplete dominance-2
    5. Recessive epistasis
    6. Co-dominance
    7. Lethal gene
    8. Duplicate dominant epistasis
    9. Dominant recessive epistasis
    10. Polygenic inheritance
    11. Sex linked inheritance
    12. Sex linked inheritance-2
    13. Blood group problems



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