Financial details of Padakshep

As a small tax-exempt non-profit with gross receipts not more than $ 50,000, Padakshep is required to file form 990-N for annual tax return. Click for our IRS 990-N database. Contact us if you have any questions.

Please select a year from the drop down list below and know about our financials in details. Donation amounts from individual donors are not disclosed to due to privacy issues.

Additionally, you can also know about the expenses of our current students individually by selecting the corresponding student’s name.

Note: The directors, the officers and the volunteers at Padakshep do not receive any compensation for their services.

Summary of the financial report 2015

Efficient spending

In 2015, ~95% of the total expenditure went only for the charitable purpose of Padakshep. Government fees and other service fees accounted for the rest. Although a small nonprofit, Padakshep is doing great in every department of expenditures. Get an idea on how a nonprofit should manage its expenditure from charity navigator website.

Fundraising and planning our budget

We understand that the donors’ hard earned money should be spent on the very purpose that Padakshep was created for. We raised almost same in every month except in April where we raised more than double the usual amount. This year we raised $ 5831 and supported fifteen students. To create more impact, we will need your continued support.

Progress in seven years

Try our interactive motion chart to see how we have gradually improved in last seven years. Choose “time” in the “x” axis, choose “percentage of total expense” or “Actual amount in dollars” in the “y” axis and hit the “play” button. We have consistently kept the overhead expenses low.